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Bradford Company offers a variety of returnable dunnage solutions, from partitions and cell dividers to kitting, using specialty foams, plastics and textiles.


"Friendly is the word that describes it best." "Softedge® partition materials were developed to protect sensitive parts but most importantly to protect the operators who handle them" Softedge® prevents constant abrasion of the fingers, cuticles and knuckles. Ergonomically sound design, at its best. More


Bradford offers specialty dunnage designs made from a variety of flexible fabrics and textiles. Internal pouches, expanding cells and dust covers are designed specifically for sensitive parts. The textile products are sewn and manufactured on Bradford's custom conversion equipment.


Solid and Corrugated Plastic

Bradford inventories an extensive variety of solid and corrugated plastic materials. A wide variety of thicknesses and grades are available, some with special coatings such as cross-linked foam, spun bond polyolefin, fleece and fabric. Tri-laminate non-directional plastic materials are also offered.



Bradford Company designs and manufactures interior trays to hold and protect manufactured parts, inside stock and custom container systems. Trays can be removed in the manufacturing work cell to be used on the line or tethered to the container so they do not become separated.



Bradford inventories a wide variety of foam materials for dunnage applications including cross-linked and open cell polyethylene foams, recycled foam, PP and PE foams and expanded PP materials. These foams are available in a variety of densities and can be converted quickly and accurately by Bradford's extensive foam conversion equipment.



Bradford Company offers pads for a variety of returnable dunnage applications. Utilizing a wide range of returnable plastic and foam materials, Bradford designs and converts traditional and diecut base and layer pads.



Bradford designs specialty kitting trays for returnable applications. This allows a single container to hold and protect several different shaped parts for manufacturing processes. This concept allows for flexibility in manufacturing systems and assembly line set up.


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